About me

First thing to know about me, im not good at speaking about myself. My name is Maximilian Öhrneman. Im 21 years old and grew up in Malmö. When I was 13 years old I moved to Dusseldorf, Germany because of my Fathers work. My main interest, and what I usually use my time for is playing computer games. While im playing computer games I usually watch youtube videos on the side. I also enjoy eating and making food, though making food has varied results. I also have a big interest in history, especially mythology. My favorite part of history is the Viking age. My ancestor is believed to be a famous Viking king named Harald Hårdråde, which I am very proud of and is the likely cause of my Viking interest. Though my knowledge of other history and mythology is relatively wide, its more quantity rather than quality so to say. If I have the chance I do like to spend time wih my friends. I also like to play Dungeons and Dragons with them. So yeah, basically im the whole nerd package.

Why im here

So after I graduated in Germany I moved back to Sweden, but decided I was so school tired that rather than go study I would work. So I went to practice in the Ö&B store in Trelleborg. I was supposed to do that for 6 months but things happened so it was only 5 months. Needles to say my self respect wasn't the best. So after a year in Sweden and after I moved to my own place in Malmö I had thoughts about studying again. I had no idea what I would want to do though, and whenever someone recommended something I was usually quick to say no. Then one day my brother showed me a paper about Content managing and I didn't instantly say no, so I took that as a sign. So that's basically why I am here. Also it seems like a good way of getting work.